Xiaomi join hands with Firework to make its short videos available for all Mi users

Firework, a Silicon Valley-based short video network platform, has teamed up in a global strategic partnership with Xiaomi. Mi users will be able to see Firework’s Reveal technology that allows videos to have a 360 degree, horizontal and vertical point of view.

Firework’s 36-second short story videos will now be available on Xiaomi smartphones. In India, Russia and Indonesia, Firework will work with local creators to let the Mi users explore its content in local languages.

Representational image: Reuters

Firework’s 36-second short story videos will now be available on Xiaomi smartphones. Image: Reuters

According to Firework, they use a multi-layered process that includes artificial intelligence and human intervention to ensure that the content is safe the unwanted content is not visible to the users.

Deputy General Manager, Internet 4th Department of Xiaomi Corporation, Wang Dong, said “We are thrilled to have Firework as our partners in Mi Videos. Our endeavour is to offer premium quality, curated videos to our users and Firework adds tremendous value to that. Firework being a global, responsible brand offers us a video ecosystem that is safe and offers an enriching experience for our users.”

Firework entered the India market last year and it focuses on 30-second video format.

India Head of Partnerships and Growth, Firework, Sudarshan Kadam said, “The alliance with Xiaomi is yet another game changing development in the short video space and is in line with our strategy to be present at destinations that already have a massive captive audience. We are thrilled with this collaboration and the prospect of addressing a premium audience that are Xiaomi phone users. Our philosophy of providing brand safe content ensures that the users get enlightened and entertained with our curated content. As we build our network, we are sure this alliance will benefit the entire short video ecosystem on our platform.”