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How-To locate your Samsung Galaxy A7 if lost or stolen

So far it works good. However in a few phones Boldbeast crashes when you open it. This is because:. In this case please install the app from our official website , the problem will be fixed at once.

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Boldbeast published in our website used the traditional APK format, so it doesn't have this problem. Your phone is running Android 10 or a newer version, in which Google added a new limit, and this makes all your recordings silent. Now your recordings will no longer be silent. Please remember you must do both things above, otherwise your recordings will be totally silent on Android 10 and newer versions.

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Note: When you tap "Call Settings - Manually Record Calls - Hotkey" if the checkbox becomes checked, this indicates you have already enabled the accessibility service. In your old phone if you have set Boldbeast backing up recorded files to your cloud drive Google Drive, Dropbox etc , please:. In your old phone if you have not set Boldbeast backing up recorded files to your cloud drive, please:. If you use the primary SD card aka internal SD card, or phone memory to save recorded files you'll never meet this problem, however if you use the secondary SD card aka external SD card, or removable SD card you may meet this problem.

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You simply want to save files in the removable card, why does Android make it so complicated? Google said it is "to make your data more safe". For example without SAF it takes less than 0. In this case please:. This means geting superuser privileges of your phone to access some resources limited by the system. There are more than Android phones in the market. Some of them don't need root, Boldbeast works great, just install the app and go.

However some of them have recording problems for example the caller's voice is very weak in recordings , and you'll find all recorders don't work well.

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In this case you should root the phone then Boldbeast can fix it perfectly. Boldbeast can fix almost all Android phones with root, making recordings crystal clear in both sides. The root approach is different from phone to phone, please google "Root AAAA" to know how to root your phone. If for any reason it doesn't display your Google Play order number, you can also find it in your receipt Google sent to you.

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Searching "Boldbeast" in your Gmail can locate the receipt quickly. Press More settings. Turn call waiting on or off. Press the indicator next to "Call waiting" to turn the function on or off. Return to the home screen. Press the Home key to return to the home screen. Please let us know how we could improve our device guides Enter your comments here then click the 'Send' button.

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Read help info. When call waiting is turned on, you can answer a new call without ending your ongoing call. Find " More settings " Press Phone. Find " More settings " Press the menu icon. Find " More settings " Press Settings.