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Developers have exploited the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Note 9 to get root access on the Snapdragon models January 31, Unofficial LineageOS Memorigi is a beautiful to-do list app that helps you plan and organize your life January 25, Most Active OnePlus 5 Topics. Feb Screen on time. Overall love. Apr Photo quality.

Nov Software ease of use, features, etc. In gaming and when using demanding apps it performs as well or better than the competition. In fact, OnePlus has gone to great lengths to try and provide the smoothest, most consistently high-performing Android experience possible, and it really shows. Using the OnePlus 5 as my primary device, browsing and using apps for three hours with hundreds of push emails, 60 minutes of gaming, and listening to around five hours of music via Bluetooth earbuds, it lasted just over 28 hours between charges with no power-saving modes activated, which is very good.

A full charge takes around an hour, but it still takes about that when the phone is actively being used, including as a GPS device in a car with a 12v Dash Charge adapter, which is the most impressive bit. The downside of Dash Charge is that you need special chargers and cables to make use of it, but the OnePlus 5 charges at a normal rate using any other USB charger. The OnePlus 5 is the second smartphone this year to ship with the latest version of Bluetooth 5. I also found Bluetooth performance was better than almost any other smartphone for using truly wireless earbuds, matching the Galaxy S8 in maintaining a consistent, interruption-free connection.

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OnePlus loads its devices with a custom version of Android 7. Such changes include gesture support for launching apps and performing actions by drawing on the screen, the excellent alert slider that sets different sound and do not disturb modes, and a new reading mode that makes reading books and other texts easier on the eyes. Overall Oxygen OS is a slightly refined version of the standard Android look, avoiding bloat and generally adding to the experience.

The big question is whether OnePlus will keep up with Android version and security updates, which the company has a hit-and-miss track record over with its previous devices. They produce pretty, colour-accurate shots, but I found photos could be a little washed out in bright sunshine and they fall down a little on fine detail compared to the best smartphone cameras available, such as the Google Pixel and HTC U The rear camera also has the obligatory portrait mode, which blows out the background using depth-sensing software and works as well as the best of the competition, but still struggles with mistakenly blurring the edges of rounded objects and fine details like hair.

The megapixel selfie camera is one of the best I have used, capturing a lot of fine detail and offering beautification modes to smooth skin to your liking. The camera app is vastly improved since the OnePlus 3, with an easy to use automatic mode but also plenty of options and settings for a new Pro mode to keep even the most keen photographer happy.

OnePlus 5: How To Find Lost Or Stolen (Solution)

Well, factory reset is the restoration process of the smartphone to its original state defined by the manufacturer. When you perform a factory reset on your phone, all of your device data and settings get deleted from the device. A factory reset is a good solution when it comes to selling your phone or you encounter software issue, virus, crash, etc. But, what if you accidentally factory reset your phone and end up losing your files? So, is it possible to recover data after a factory reset?

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The simple answer to your question is YES. There is no need to panic as you can still get back your deleted files even after factory resetting your device. Check out our next parts to learn how to perform OnePlus One data recovery after factory reset. The best thing about OnePlus Android device is that it has a built-in feature where the device generates an automatic backing on a daily basis on your personal Google account.

OnePlus backdoor means hackers could take over your phone

Once you locate it, open it. Here, you may need to enter your Google login details and use Google ID and passcode that you had used while creating a backup. Step 3: Next, locate the target files that you would like to restore and choose them. Step 4: Once the restore process completes, you will get a pop-up message on your screen for the restore completion process.

To see the deleted files once again on your phone, simply reboot your device. With the backup, you can prevent losing important data from your device for permanently. Otherwise, check out our next solution for OnePlus data recovery. When you look for it on the internet, you end up finding so many.

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But, Recoverit Data Recovery software is the most recommended solution for you. This software comes handy in recovering various files types including photos, videos, documents, apps, and much more.