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Ideally, you want to filter the blue light out for at least 90 minutes before you go to bed. You might prefer to turn this off altogether, or perhaps you want to use your Moto G7 as a bedside clock and dock it every night.

Moto G7 specifications

We used to recommend scheduling Do Not Disturb , but you can do it as part of Wind Down, which is a feature introduced by Google in Android 9. You should find that Touch sounds are off by default, but we also like to turn off Screen locking sounds.

You can choose to block certain apps, tweak the level of detail, and even allow quick replies without unlocking the device. Decide on your preferences, but remember there is a risk to your privacy with this feature.

Schedule Night Light

You may find that the size of icons and text is perfect for you, but we find the default size on the Moto G7 quite big. We like the camera in the Moto G7, but there are two settings we recommend changing in the camera app immediately. The Moto G7 Power delivers two things you should care about: very long battery life and a cheap price. In fact, this is one of the longest running phones in the last few years. Although you have to accept some trade-offs to get those several extra hours of endurance, don't be fooled by this phone's bargain price.

Although a newer Moto G Power is on the way, the Moto G7 Power is one of the best phones for those on a budget and is easily one of the best cheap phones available. You can expand that through the use of a microSD card for up to another GB of space for apps, games and media.

Motorola has given all of its latest G-series handsets the notch treatment. But unlike the regular Moto G7, with its teardrop design, the G7 Power adopts a more conventionally styled notch, with the earpiece and selfie camera front and center — similar to what you'd find on one of Apple's latest iPhones. The only problem with this look is that it's hardly original. Increasingly, phones have notches like the one Motorola bestowed on the G7 Power. Couple that awkward design with the G7 Power's rather noticeable bottom bezel and body clad in glossy plastic, and you're left with a phone that tries and fails to conceal its budget roots.

It doesn't help that the G7 Power is also very big, with its 6. There's still a 3. However, Motorola unfortunately hasn't added true IP-rated water resistance or near-field communication to any device in the G7 range, so this phone feels a bit dated, even at its low price. The G7 Power trades the 6.

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That's great for energy efficiency but not quite so good for the appearance of on-screen content. Text and icons can't help but look a hair jagged on the G7 Power, though the farther you hold the phone away from your eyes, the less noticeable the effect. If you can see past the resolution deficit, this is still a display you'd be happy to use to watch anything.

Motorola might be stretching those pixels a bit wider than we'd like, but at least the G7 Power's color reproduction and brightness didn't leave much to be desired. Those are respectable numbers for a budget-priced LCD-toting smartphone.

Motorola Moto G7 review: An impressive phone that shouldn't be this cheap

In fact, both are nearly dead-even with the pricier Moto G7 and its showings of percent and 0. For Delta-E, closer to zero is better. However, the G7 Power really impressed in its brightness. At nits on the max setting, this member of Motorola's midrange family totally outshone the pricier G7 and its nits.

All that extra light coming through the display makes a big difference outdoors on a sunny day, when dimmer screens make reading text a struggle. In those scenarios, we'd definitely rather take the Power than its siblings. And truthfully, if you can see past the resolution deficit, this is still a display you'd be happy to use to watch anything.