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Design and build quality of the Xiaomi Mi 9

From around the Web. Loading Gadget: OnePlus 7. Usually, with smartphones at the price-range, we have to mention there mid-range performance. The downsides? The plus-side? The price. International Deals. Xiaomi was obviously taking notice when Razer launched their gaming phone in late , as they recently announced the Black Shark 2. Even ignoring the gaming credentials for a moment, this is an absolute monster flagship-grade phone. Love Gaming!? Check out The Best Gaming Smartphones — article for the latest in dedicated gaming phones.

Firstly, there is a Shark Key button on the side which activates the high-performance gaming mode. This all adds up to make your gaming mobile experience better than ever. Some of us were expecting more though. I would have loved to see a screen with a Hz refresh rate for an uber gaming phone. The Cons? Stay tuned for our upcoming hands-on review! With a glass-sandwich bold gradient design, both sides Gorilla Glass 5, the Redmi Note 7 certainly looks the part.

But how about performance? Other high-end features include a tiny top-notch for the selfie camera, a whopping 48MP rear camera and excellent fast charge ready battery life. View on GearBest. Another great touch is that the Redmi 7 uses a true dual-SIM design. Just like the Note 7 above, it keeps the IR Blaster and headphone jack. The Helio P35 is coupled with a 5.

Could we possibly see something similar in the west? Check out our full Xiaomi Mi A2 Review. Sure thing!

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Pinch of salt needed. And that super-slim body can only fit a mAh battery, but with the efficient CPU and bloat-free OS it will still last all day.

Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro: One of 12222’s best cell phone bargains

For even better value, you can look to the last generation of models below. Rather than an-all out flagship device like the Mi Mix 3 above , the Mi 8 is all about keeping as many flagships features as possible while maintaining its status as the best value-smartphone available.

You can think of the new Xiaomi Mi 8 as what the OnePlus phones used to be… that is before they hiked up their prices. Update: Check out the Xiaomi Pocophone F1 below, for the same Snapdragon high-end performance at around half the price! On a plus note, it weighs in at around 10 grams less.

Xiaomi were obviously taking notice when Razer launched their gaming phone in late , as they recently announced the Black Shark. Even ignoring the gaming credentials for the moment, this is an absolute monster flagship-grade phone. Firstly, there is a Shark Key button on the side which activates the high performance gaming mode.

Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite Smartphone Review: Big Bang for the Buck - Reviews

Stay tuned for our upcoming hands on review! Note: Now that the Mi Mix 3 is out in the wild, expect to get some of the best bargain deals ever on this beautiful yet still very capable smartphone. The Mi Mix 2S looks incredible, retaining the design of the Mi Mix 2 that saw it become an exhibit at the world-renowned Centre Pompidou art and design museum in Paris whilst shaving a couple of mm off the all-round footprint.

Constructed with a metal frame and ceramic body the Mi Mix 2S oozes class and begs to be shown off and not put in a case. Bear in mind though that the ceramic back is something of a finger print magnet. The display is of course the star of the show yet again. Xiaomi continue to eschew the Infinity Display style that most bezel free phones now use.

The other main improvement over the Mi Mix 2 is the new dual camera set up. After the mediocre camera in the Mix 2, Xiaomi have unleashed their big guns and the results are outstanding. DxO , the smartphone industry standard for testing camera performance, have scored the Mi Mix 2S a mark of This puts it in joint 5th place in the all-time smartphone camera quality table!

There is also the very welcome addition of wireless charging. Now you can still listen to wired headphones via USB C adapter and charge your phone at the same time.

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  • The Redmi 5 Plus was released right at the end of to a little confusion. What was it? Was it the replacement for the Redmi Note 4? Had Xiaomi killed off their Note series? It even borrowed the Omnivision camera sensor that we were so impressed with in the Mi A1, albeit in single lens only guise. But, the Redmi 5 Plus had something which no other Xiaomi phone had — an absolutely stunning 5. Of course, nobody wants an old-fashioned display in …. The CPU is getting a little long in the tooth but still provides capable and efficient performance. Coupled with the mAh battery this helps the Redmi 5 Plus to be somewhat of an endurance champ.

    Camera performance is above average, and overall the 5 Plus is a very competent all-rounder. Whether under limited light when we were shooting lobsters on ice, or when out in the bright Berlin sun, there's ample detail on show. Things aren't always totally on the money though. The wide-angle, which is lower-resolution, suffers with detail loss to its edges, while image processing is a bit heavier here - groups of trees, for example, lack that real definition and become a green mush. And when it comes to low-light, the wide-angle and zoom lenses are a bit of a write-off - only the higher-res main camera can cope to some degree here, using its night mode, but even then it's not a patch on the offerings you'll find from Apple, Google and Huawei.

    Can't have it all, we suppose, but even for shooting in limited light the Mi 9T Pro punches above its competition at this price point. Then there's that all-important front-facing camera, which pops-up, including a light-up red outer edge, when hitting the selfie button in the camera app. It take a little moment for that camera to reveal itself, but it's fairly speedy to get into place. It's a logical way to avoid a notch on the screen, although it removes the possibility of facial recognition sign-ins too. We're not the biggest selfie fans in the world - ok, so we took a bunch of snaps with our friend's dog in Chicago because, well, why not?

    It also goes a bit over the top when it comes to facial smoothing and beauty modes because, er, Xiaomi , but many will be looking for such a solution anyway. It's quite simply bonkers the Mi 9T Pro sells for the price it does, given its flagship specification, which makes for very fluid use and ensures no task will be a problem.