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That said, I also have a strong feeling that anyone who ends up buying this device is going to find themselves frustrated with it. Android Go is a lightweight version of Android 9. It includes many of the same features, but a lot of the visual flourishes and higher-end aspects of the operating system are gone. Google made these smaller by either making them a progressive web app like with Maps or by cutting out parts of the app like in Assistant. To further this, GO apps are also built to use less data. This strips webpages to a basic level and removes ads. Additionally, another example occurs with YouTube Go.

Each time you click on a video, the app asks you if you want to load it in data saver mode, standard quality or high quality. If you have a Micro SD card in the device, you can download the video to watch offline later. Write text. Date and time.

Clock and alarm. Connect with your friends and family Calls. Send and receive messages. Get social. Camera Camera basics. Your photos and videos. Internet and connections Activate Wi-Fi. Use a mobile data connection. Browse the web. Music and videos Music. FM Radio. Organize your day Calendar.

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Maps Find places and get directions. Use location services. Apps and services Google Play. Software updates and backups Update your phone software. Back up your data. Restore original settings and remove private content from your phone.

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Protect your phone Protect your phone with a screen lock. Access codes.

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Product and safety information For your safety. This reduces your problem to picking the best mid-range Android phone. You may well have paid about half that for your Lumia Thanks to the advances in smartphone technology over the past seven years, you can now buy something better for up to half the price of that. Android smartphones run the gamut from cheap and nasty to superb but relatively expensive.

At that price, you lose some processor speed, fast graphics, storage space, and some screen and camera quality. In the mid-range, I tend to lean towards Motorola as a fairly safe bet.

Which reasonably priced smartphone could replace my old Nokia Lumia?

It has since been superseded by various models of the G7 and G8. Alternative retailers are, of course, available if you shop around. In fact, the original Motorola was taken over by Google, which sold the phone part to Lenovo, which is Chinese.

Nokia 1 Plus - Go, Android Go!

However, both outsell Motorola in smartphones, and both have some excellent mid-range models. Xiaomi also sells smartphones under the Redmi brand label. Meanwhile, Huawei has been the fastest-growing smartphone maker. It sells smartphones in the UK under the Huawei and Honor brand names.