The lessons we learned from ‘Love Is Blind,’ broken down by couple

The lessons we learned from 'Love Is Blind,' broken down by couple

When venerable scientific experts Vanessa and Nick Lachey set out to conduct 2020’s most daring social experiment, some said it wouldn’t work. 

Oh, wait. 

No one said that, because no one cared or knew about it — yet. 

Now, thanks to Netflix, tons of us care and, whether or not you want to, you know about itLove Is Blind ran away with subscribers like Giannina in a muddy wedding dress, like Barnett’s dog down those furry stairs, like Jessica with someone else’s husband. (Too soon?)  

We basked in the show’s multi-angle approach to reality dating that combined ’90s-era Fox Reality with Bachelor in Paradise, Married at First Sight, and just a dash of Say Yes to the Dress. We were on the edge of our seats wondering who (if anyone) would find their happily ever afters in a world where you have to get engaged before you can hug.  Read more…

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