PUBG Mobile gets Season 12 Royale Pass, next update scheduled for 12 March

Just last week, PUBG Mobile received a new update, which included features like Death Replay, Brothers In Arms System, Universal Marks, Teammate Volume Control, and a Hardcore Mode. These features were part of the version 0.17.0. Today, that is, 9 March, Tencent has rolled out the Season 12 Royale Pass. The video game has also received a new theme titled ‘2Gether We Play’, that celebrates the game’s second launch anniversary.

Playing PUBG Mobile on Redmi Y3.

Playing PUBG Mobile on Redmi Y3.

The Season 12 Royale Pass is PUBG‘s version of a battle pass and a gateway for players to earn rewards through the game. The Royale Pass Points can be earned during Season 12 and it also comes with plenty of unlocks for users. Tencent is expected to various rewards to unlock in the coming weeks.

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Additionally, PUBG Mobile will be rolling out a few more features under the same version of the update on 12 March at 7.30 am IST.

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The 12 March update is expected to bring a new Anniversary Celebration Mode. It will also include an Amusement Park Mode for Classic Erangel, and another one called the Arctic Mode. The new mode will also come with a drone camera. Apart from this, there is another mode called the Ranked Arena Mode that will offer free rewards.