New OnePlus logo, brand identity officially unveiled: Here are all the changes

OnePlus CEO Lei Jun teased yesterday that the company is working on a new logo and brand identity. Today, we know what he meant.

The new OnePlus logo is all about brighter colors and simpler designs. OnePlus’ design lead, Rob M, shared the details in a blog post.

OnePlus new logo

The most prominent change that has been made is the logo. The word ‘OnePlus’ in the logo has ditched the solid red background, instead using a thicker font.

There’s also a subtle change to the icon as well which now has “some curve” on the number 1 to make it “more immediately recognizable.”

The Old and New OnePlus logo and icon. Image: OnePlus

“The changes you see here have two purposes – Create a clearer association between the logo and the brand while improving legibility and visibility. To achieve this, we increased the logo’s thickness, gave the number 1 some curve so it’s more immediately recognizable and slightly increased the plus sign to make it a more relevant part of the logo in homage to our community, which we view as an extension of the OnePlus family. We also removed the solid box behind the word “OnePlus” and made the weight of the entire logo consistent to improve the overall balance,” Rob writes in the blog, explaining the changes in the logo and icon.

There is also a change in OnePlus’ signature tagline – Never Settle. The style has been changed by “updating the font, the spacing between the letters and swapped the upper case for mixed case.”

Old and New OnePlus tagline. Image: OnePlus

OnePlus has also made changed to the colors the company is using. While the theme of blacks, whites, and reds in the company’s promotional material will continue to be used, but there will be an addition of blue as well as some more grey tones to it.

OnePlus colours.

Another change that has been made is to the typeface. “Departing from OnePlus Slate, we wanted a highly functional, but versatile typeface – legible for long texts, but also perfect for our logo or headlines. We “test read” a wide range of different typefaces to make sure the letters formed words with the least effort for the user, to assure the best reading experience.”

OnePlus new typeface. Image: OnePlus

OnePlus is expected to launch the OnePlus 8 series in April, which will debut the new logo, icon, tagline, and typeface.