Instagram is testing new fonts for its Stories feature

It’s updates galore for Instagram. Barely a day after launching a Live Donation button to help support non-profit organisations during the COVID-19 pandemic, Instagram has now teased that it will soon introduce new fonts to let users customise their Stories.

The Facebook-owned company said it has already started testing the fonts with a small percentage of people. However, the time frame for the official rolling out of the fonts and their names were not revealed.


The five font styles that are available on Instagram as of now are Modern, Classic, Neon, and Strong and Typewriter. Each font has its own appeal of course, and maybe the classics are getting a bit stale.

And this is not the only change Instagram has made to the app. It has recently launched Challenges Sticker in the Stories gallery as well.

“We’ve seen that challenges are a fun way to interact with your friends on social media and that people are using @mentions, text and hashtags to join popular challenges,” the company said.

It has also rolled out the ability for users to send direct messages to each other from the web version.

A certified fact checker will check reported posts on Instagram, says Facebook. Image: Reuters