How to view 3D animals in AR with Google search

How’d you like a pic next to a roaring lion, or a cuddly panda? If your answer is yes, and you’re also wondering how you’d do that in post-lockdown India, this how-to is here to help.

This can happen thanks to a seldom used Google search feature that shows 3D animals in augmented reality (AR). Even if you don’t have a pet at home, you can at least interact with a virtual one.


AR 3D animals

If you haven’t already tried it out yet, you should! Here is how to do it.

Google's S3 tiger, cat and dog.

[hq]How to use 3D animals on Google[/hq]

[hans][hstep]Step 1: Open Google and type the name of the animal you want to see[/hstep]

[hstep]Step 2: Scroll down and tap on the “View in 3D”[/hstep]

[hstep]Step 3: Move around while pointing your phone on the floor and wait till it recognises a base for the object to appear[/hstep][/hans]

And that’s it! You are good to go. You can now enlarge the object by zooming in or, zooming out to make it small. You can also drag and drop to move it around. Happy petting!