‘Honestly, it’s insane’: Seth Meyers explains why ‘electability’ shouldn’t matter in 2020

'Honestly, it's insane': Seth Meyers explains why 'electability' shouldn't matter in 2020

Though Elizabeth Warren and Tulsi Gabbard are still technically running, Super Tuesday effectively narrowed the race for the Democratic nomination down to Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. As Late Night host Seth Meyers noted during Wednesday’s episode, many pundits and voters have now latched on to the question of which man is the most “electable.”

“Honestly, it’s insane that we’re still talking about electability three years into the presidency of the least electable person in the history of elections,” said Meyers. “Donald Trump is like a lab experiment where a bunch of scientists got together and tried to create the most unelectable candidate possible.” Read more…

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