Hitting that snooze button is a relationship killer. Here’s how to quit.

Hitting that snooze button is a relationship killer. Here's how to quit.

Having trouble sleeping? Hit Snooze is Mashable’s deep dive into how we cope with our collective insomnia and the many ways we can achieve a more peaceful slumber.

There are two types of sleepers in this world. 

On one side, there are the people who repeatedly hit snooze in a bid to squeeze out just five more minutes of blissful slumber, who cannot tear themselves out of bed for love or money. On the other side are those who open their eyes the moment their alarm sounds, spring out of bed, and start their day. 

I fall into the former category, and any attempt to share a bed with another human has always resulted in my bleary-eyed companion groaning loudly at my inability to rouse my weary head in the morning. “Rachel!” they cry out in exasperation. “Your alarm keeps going off!” Eyes closed and head firmly resting on the pillow, I whisper, “Just press snooze. I need another five minutes’ sleep.” Five minutes turns into 15 minutes, which in turn becomes half an hour. For me, it’s just another morning. But for anyone sharing a bed with me, it’s disruptive and annoying. Cue: loud sighs, audible groans, and secret eye rolls.  Read more…

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