Facebook to show users warning before they post COVID-19-related content

Facebook has recently addressed how COVID-19 has affected the firm’s ability to remove harmful or inappropriate content from its website. In an attempt to minimize misinformation around the coronavirus pandemic from spreading on the platform, it will now warn the user before posting links related to COVID-19.

According to a Facebook blogpost, users will now see a notification screen that will give “more context about COVID-19 related links when they are about to share it”. It will also show the source and publishing date of the content being posting. With this, Facebook hope for its users to be better-informed about the source and recency of information they see.

Facebook COVID-19 warning notification.

The new notification will also direct users to Facebook’s COVID-19 Information Center, which includes credible information from global health authorities on the pandemic.

In addition to this, Facebook has clarified that content posted by government health authorities and established organizations will not receive the notification. This distinction is made to avoid the slower dissemination of credible information on its platform, the post said.

Facebook has confirmed that this notification will roll out for all the users globally starting today, 13 August.

Prior to this, Facebook has also introduced a new notification pop-up that will notify users if they are posting something that is more than 90 days old.