Facebook is reportedly working on a feature called ‘Campus’ to connect students from same college, university

It seems that Facebook is reconnecting with its roots. It is well known that the popular social media platform started off as a college app and now there are reports that Facebook is working on something akin to its ‘Campus’ days.

A new feature called ‘Campus’ has been discovered which will allow students from the same university or college to connect with one another

According to app researcher Jane Manchun Wong, Facebook is working on a new feature called Campus, which is a “new space exclusive for college students.”

Image: Reuters

Image: Reuters

As per Wong’s tweet, the Campus feature will incorporate Groups, Events and more information like graduation year, major subjects. These will be used to “help connect you with other students in the same class and program as you.”

Wong also shared a few screenshots highlighting that Campus would require an ‘.edu’ email ID for access.

However, there is no news as to when the feature might actually roll out. Wong does not specify how she came across the feature either.

In response to her own tweet, the researcher mentions that a Facebook spokesperson told her that the company has nothing to announce at the moment.

According to her, the Facebook spokesperson said, “We’re always working to improve the Facebook experience for students, but have nothing to announce at this time.”

Facebook has, in the meantime, come up with a tool that allows users to manage their time online. The company has added a new Quiet Mode to its app which mutes most push notifications.