Elon Musk’s coronavirus tweets somehow don’t violate Twitter’s new rules

Elon Musk's coronavirus tweets somehow don't violate Twitter's new rules

Elon Musk has some thoughts about the coronavirus — thoughts that, naturally, the Tesla CEO decided to share with his 32.4 million Twitter followers. 

Musk’s tweets, which included the false gem that children are “essentially immune,” appear to be in violation of Twitter’s new rules ostensibly aimed at stopping the spread of potentially dangerous COVID-19 misinformation. However, despite what common sense might suggest, it seems the disjointed and ill-informed musings of the entitled billionaire are in fact totally OK with the social media giant. 

A Twitter spokesperson confirmed as much Thursday afternoon in an email to Mashable: “We reviewed the Tweets and they don’t violate our rules,” wrote the spokesperson.  Read more…

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