‘Beauty and the Beast’ parody stresses the importance of social distancing

'Beauty and the Beast' parody stresses the importance of social distancing

Belle’s introduction in Beauty and the Beast now has a pandemic twist in a parody version that emphasizes just how fast the coronavirus can spread if people don’t take precautions. 

Much like the original, Belle starts off her day by greeting her fellow villagers also living dull, provincial lives. But in this version, Belle isn’t the protagonist. Instead, she’s the one who won’t wash her hands, isn’t self-quarantining, and won’t keep the CDC-recommended six feet of space between herself and other villagers. 

“I’ve yet to see a reckless fool quite like her,” the villagers croon. “Without a mask or gloves she goes?…She’s gonna get us all infected, that is Belle.”  Read more…

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