8 non-awkward ways to leave a Zoom hangout

8 non-awkward ways to leave a Zoom hangout

You’ve shown off your pets and had some good LOLs, and now the Zoom/FaceTime/HouseParty hang is winding down. But how to actually end it? It’s not like you have anywhere to go.

In a virtual hangout, the regular outs of in-person hangs aren’t an option: no waiter is bringing a check, there’s no drive home, no babysitter to relieve. 

But you still have to call it quits before the conversation devolves into awkward silence. Or, worse: an uncomfortable divulging of stories, feelings, and details of your friend’s, coworker’s, or (worst of all) mom’s life you wish you’d never heard. 

A few options lay before you, each endorsed by a different Mashable staffer for its effectiveness. You can go direct or passive, honest or deceitful. All have their merits and downsides. What we present you with is knowledge. How YOU, Zoomer, choose to use it, is up to you. Proceed with caution. Read more…

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